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Trailer: Oscar Wilde’s Short Stories

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    Language: English
    Duration: 8m 48s
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    Release date: Fri Nov 28th, 2008 4:49pm


    Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tales continue to exert the same pull over the imagination and emotions as they did when he first read them to his children in the 1880s.

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8 comments on “Trailer: Oscar Wilde’s Short Stories”

  1. Madlock says:


    Thank you for your eloquent insight into language and so many things. Your appreciation of language as art is evident in your own spoken words and I appreciate you helping others discover todays oft-overlooked treasures.

  2. miniaturegarden says:

    How wonderful to hear you speak of Wilde with such an amount of grace and tenderness. It´s furthermore a great thing that you turn stories and books into audio-books, because I remember reading The Liar when I was fifteen and I actually heard your voice telling the story!
    I always thought that you being a fellow earth-dweller is something very treasurable. (I left a film of drool on your hand. Sorry.)

  3. ozbod says:

    Ahh… If only we all had someone like you to tell us stories Stephen… the world would be such a nicer, brighter place…if only for a brief time!! Stephen Fry reading Oscar Wilde or ANYTHING for that matter…. brilliant (should be compulsary on the school curriculum)

  4. shadowjax says:

    Thank you very much. I’ve enjoyed your telling of Oscar Wildes short stories.

  5. malka says:

    I first found out about Oscar when i was about 13 and saw the trials of oscar wilde starring peter finch……… after that i had to read the yellow book by hesketh pearson and continued from there. film has inspired me to find out more about many things, but oscar was a real and genuine find for me……what genius what tragedy and of course the writing, and i too am very fond of the fairy tales which are almost bibical and so profound………….if i had children i would love to read them aloud or better still let you read them to me and them……….heaven…

  6. DavidRobertson says:

    I think Stephen should read Childrens books at 7pm every night on CBBC, the whole nation of wee ones whould go to bed very happy, plesure to here you read Stephen.

  7. Robyn Wharton says:

    Your my teacher in a new world of language and literature, yes you are…I appreciate you and will listen

  8. Sattar says:

    Stephen’s voice savvy—vocal sensitivity and versatility— constitutes his incomparable quiddity. Retain the visual persona and the narrative and the text but replace the voice, and lo the mantle on the mystique crumples to the ground in tatters.

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